Our Unique Approach

1. We perceive parenthood as a universal human experience.

Parenthood is a shared, universal human experience, unrestricted by geographical location. Thinking along the same vein, we want our products to be similarly accessible regardless of your location across the globe. Shipping fees can be very costly and we do not want it to be a major deterrent to the purchasing of our quality items. Exorbitant shipping fees are simply not a good enough reason for your child to miss out on the best.

We have thus made special arrangements for free domestic and international shipping with a minimum spending of SGD$60 and SGD$200 respectively. More information can be found on the Shipping Fees page.

2. We are highly selective – only products of the best quality are sold on Sunkiss Babies.

Our products have gone through painstakingly tedious curation processes to uphold our high standards of product quality. It brings us a whole lot of satisfaction to be able to provide the finest products on the market for your babies because we know how great of an impact top-quality products can make on the health and development of your little ones.

We also make sure to source for non-mainstream, unique and genuine handmade products because we see the value in distinctiveness. Each handmade item possesses differentiated originality, perfect for a gift as it matches the unique individuality of its intended recipient. The idea of a craftsperson engaging with the product on a personal level is even more alluring as the gift is extra meaningful – truly made with love and a lot of deliberate action.  

3. We want to help crystallize precious moments you share with your baby.

We have heard so many parents wish that they had created more mementos with their children as they fondly reminisced the past. We believe that gifting your baby jewellery is a timeless reminder of pivotal events. While photographs can do an excellent job of capturing moments, a piece of jewellery can mark prominent occasions such as your child’s first birthday, more than often evoking more passionate emotions by embodying a unique backstory. Adorning the piece of jewellery also serves as a constant reminder of the special, irreplaceable bond you and your little one share.

4. We are flexible and accommodative to changes in orders.

We recognise that circumstances are always evolving and products may no longer be relevant or needed when they reach you. It is certainly important to us that you are able to place your orders with ease and without having to overthink; we have therefore implemented a money-back guarantee further detailed on the Refund Policy page. We aim to make your online shopping experience as carefree and comfortable as possible so throw these petty concerns out of the window and focus on getting the best for your baby.