What Motivates Us

Nothing beats the pride and joy of entering parenthood.


Every baby step taken along this magical journey is like a mini adventure. Do you remember the absolute wonder when you first received news of your little miracle? The thrills of spending hours researching on the perfect name for your child, the unimaginable joy of sharing the first few moments together with your child – finally,  a family complete, and the quiet bliss of tenderly watching your young one fast asleep in your arms; wanting to preserve all these precious moments prompt us to wish for our babies’ eternal health.


Here at Sunkiss Babies, we believe that your child’s healthy development is one of the best gifts that a parent can ever receive. Exquisitely hand picked in the interests of you and your baby, you can trust that our products are 100% authentic and safety-certified. Raising our own children has taught us to give only the finest and the best to my loved ones. We hereby promise and assure that compromising on your baby’s health and growth is never and will not ever be an option.


It is also so important to us that you capture the moments of this fleeting experience as parent to a baby for these little angels sure grow up fast. Gifting your child a piece of jewellery or recording little achievements in memory albums as a tangible, everlasting memento is a great reminder of the love and blessings they embody. After all, time flows relentlessly, transforming people and their relationships, but familial bond and material keepsakes crystallizing past memories will always remain.


We wish you all the best in parenting and for your child to reach their best potential. We are very confident that you will find our uniquely non-mainstream products useful and meaningful. With that said, customer service is our top priority – if you do have any burning enquiries, please do check out our Frequently Asked Questions page or contact us. Good luck!


Hugs and Kisses,

Loving Parents at Sunkiss Babies.