Frequently Asked Questions

Product Knowledge

  • Can I trust the authenticity of your products?
    Absolutely, yes.

    We want to give you the best, and only the best, which means we will never compromise the quality of our products or subject your babies to any health or developmental risks.

    Please refer to our Product Authenticity page for more details.


  • Which are the brands that Sunkiss Babies features?
    Sunkiss Babies has firm control over the quality of our products, featuring only highly reputed brands which can be found listed systematically on Our Brands page.


  • When do your products expire?


  • Do your products come with a warranty?


  • Is there a physical store that I can visit?
    Unfortunately, Sunkiss Babies is confined to the virtual sphere – we are an online store and do not own any physical outlets that you can go to.  


  • Are ready stocks available?

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  • What is the estimated time for products to be restocked?


  • How can I receive notifications when products are restocked?


Delivering and Shipping Information

  • How much does shipping cost in Singapore?
    All shipping fees will be waived should delivery be made to an address within Singapore, as long as a minimum of SGD$60 was spent.

    For all Singapore-bound orders under SGD$60, you will be charged a flat shipping fee of SGD$5.


  • How do I calculate the costs of shipping a particular product to my country?


  • Why was my order not delivered within my indicated preferred timing?
    While we do try our best to cater to everyone’s choices, it is important to note these timings are only an estimate for our delivery schedules and subject to changes. On some days when the volume of orders to be delivered hits very high numbers, we will have to reshuffle parts of the delivery schedule for the smoothest process that is most beneficial for everyone.

    In essence, we will do everything that we can to suit your preferences but desperate circumstances require us to adapt and bend some guidelines, ultimately in the best interests for all our customers.


  • For orders based in Singapore, which delivery service do you employ?


  • Am I able to opt for self-collection instead of delivery?
    Sunkiss Babies only exists as an online store and does not have a physical store that you can collect your products from. Self-collection is therefore difficult to implement; to receive your orders, we only provide delivery services and not through the method of self-collection.



Order Details and Tracking

  • What do I need to do to track my order?


  • Am I allowed to change my order after making payment?
    Creating a smooth and time-saving customer experience requires that we wire our system to process all paid orders immediately for product shipment, leaving little gap for intervention and changing of orders.

    Although we do not entertain requests to make amendments to paid orders, we welcome requests to exchange products should you change your mind and decide that you do not need nor want certain products any longer.

    Please refer to our Refund/Exchange policy page or the Product Defects, Returns and Exchanges section in our Frequently Asked Questions section for more information.  


  • Are my order details and personal information protected?
    Protecting your privacy is one of our topmost priorities. To ensure that your privacy is not breached by third parties, we have safely installed servers and firewalls to safeguard all sensitive information. We respect your privacy and we will never store any of your personal information without your permission.



Product Defects, Returns and Exchanges

  • What can I do if my product has a defect?
    Please drop us an email at alerting us of the defective product within 7 days of receiving the item. To help us follow-up on your email as efficiently as possible, please include the following things in your message: date of receiving product, order number, name of defective product and an image or short clip clearly capturing the areas that it is faulty in.

    We will respond to your email within 24 hours of receiving it, most likely replacing your defective product with a new and properly functioning one.


  • Under what circumstances can I request for an exchange of products?
    Regardless of the reason, you can exchange your products for newer ones of equal or less monetary value as long as you inform us via email at about your intentions to exchange products within 7 days of receiving the item. Returning us a product without first contacting us for a product exchange will also not be accepted.

    You will only be successful in requesting for a product exchange if your product is still kept in brand new condition, that is unused, unwashed and unopened.


  • Under what circumstances can I return the product?
    As we do not intend to implement a system for product refunds, the only scenario in which you can return a product to us is if it is part of the process of exchanging a product.


  • Will I be notified if you have received the product I returned?
    One of our aims in making the experience comfortable for all our customers is to be as transparent with our actions and processes as possible. Should we receive a returned product, you can be assured that we will notify you in an email following up the reception of the item for verification. Please allow for a buffer period of 24 hours between receiving the product at Sunkiss Babies and notifying you via email.